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Graffiti Art At The Skateparks and How It Got There

August 13, 2013

A Closer Look At Graffiti Art
Graffiti art is usually created within an urban setting. What this means is that graffiti art is an art form of the streets. More specifically, graffiti is placed within the historical context of the 1990s. In this light, graffiti was almost universally unheard of in the '60s and '70s. However, skate culture became immensely popular and linked with graffiti art in the early '90s. It was a type of art that allowed teenagers and new street artists a free range of expression. In this sense, graffiti had no rules and was usually done anonymously at night.

Anarchy And Urban Painting
The link between graffiti artists and anonymity became irrevocably connected. By this, I mean that since graffiti was illegal, artists had to cloak their identity. This led to a severe issue of free expression and vandalism. In fact, it took the art world many years to realize and appreciate graffiti as a valid form of art. Nowadays, you can see graffiti art in the galleries. However, graffiti still occurs in non-artistic manner on the streets. Some graffiti paintings are symbols, whereas other paintings are more elaborate forms of expression and meaning.

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Graffiti – Is It Art or Vandalism

June 18, 2013

Ever since PBS aired that controversial episode of Art21 featuring the "urban art" of Barry McGee, critics from both sides have been waging war on just how to classify graffiti. If you have a decent television provider like or access to a participating PBS station, then it's worth checking out. While his work was featured in the biennial modern art review program, Barry never really relished the opportunity to be counted among the greats.

Needless to say, his ambivalence has done little to end the debate.

So, is it art or isn't it?

People have spent so much time arguing back and forth on this that it tends to go beyond the work itself. The fact is that it's really quite subjective and there isn't even a unified definition of what art truly is. The most basic definition is that it's a representation or manifestation of self-expression.

You could say graffiti is a form of self-expression and, therefore, art and where it crosses the line into vandalism is in the case where it's being put on someone's property without permission. That's when your self-expression is being put upon someone else.

While the definition might vary from person to person, it's important to remember the purpose of art when discussing graffiti. Otherwise you run the risk of compiling a long list of what art ISN'T, thereby diminishing the possibilities.

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Graffiti Artists and How To Get A Job Being A Graffiti Artist

May 13, 2013

If you love graffiti art and think you are pretty good at it, you might wonder how you can get a job as a graffiti artist yourself. By doing so, you can make tons of money while creating the art that you love so much, and you can also meet a lot of cool people and create a name for yourself. Although you might think it will be hard to get a job as a graffiti artist, you should know that there are ways to do so. First of all, however, you will need to create a portfolio that includes samples of all of your best work. Take your time when creating your samples; they could be just the thing to make you famous. Try showing off different styles and techniques so that you can benefit the most from your portfolio of artwork. After you have created your portfolio, you should do what you can to show it off. Meeting with popular graffiti artists and showing them your work could help you land a job or at least an experienced mentor, and you can even try showcasing your work on the World Wide Web to see where it can land you.

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Graffiti On Train Cars That Looks Amazing

March 26, 2013

I was sitting at a railroad crossing waiting for the train and I noticed several cars had some really amazingly, beautiful artwork on them. I could not help but wonder if the company that owned the trains were as awed and inspired by these works of art as I was.

This graffiti was probablyviewed as damage to the property owners, but the pictures made one wonder what was in the mind of the artist. They had to know that they were trespassing on another's property, but they chose to share this artwork and in such a public way.

I wondered if this was their only public outlet for such talent or were they as famous as other graffiti artists such as the famous French graffitist, C215 or even Banksy. Artists like these brighten up many unusual places and can bring color and enjoyment to otherwise drab and boring environments.

Many people see these works of art daily. More and more building owners actually pay to have graffiti on the side of their businesses. Let's share this artwork and appreciate the talent involved and encourage ways to bring these artists into view. In the end, compromise and acceptance helps us share the beauty of talented people.

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Examples of Stunning Urban Art That Will Blow Your Mind

July 11, 2012

Basically, urban art is a creative art form that depicts city life in some way. Immediately, this term conjures up images of graffiti and gritty sidewalks and skyscrapers for many people. They'd be right. A lot of times urban art uses the very thing it IS as its canvas. Graffiti on the sides of buildings, chalk drawings on the sidewalk, or an image painted on the side of a car.

Many urban artists started out doing their art in their hood but many have moved on and moved up. In most cities a lot of neighborhoods are multicultural. This influences urban art greatly. Now urban artists have brought their flavor of creativity to the world meeting up in places like London, New York and Paris to create their art together.

Today, urban artists who have classical training create their art right along side those who are self taught and independent. Many of these artists are getting gallery showings and bringing their artistic flavor to the halls of corporate America. So, if you're looking for examples of stunning urban art that will blow your mind then take a stroll through the streets of your neighborhood or down the halls of your office building.

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The Legal Issues For People Who Have Done Graffiti

June 29, 2012

Doing graffiti can be fun and expressive, but it's not without risks. Getting permission beforehand can avoid all legal issues. Different jurisdictions have different laws regarding graffiti, but most places classify it as either vandalism or criminal mischief. These are normally misdemeanors or lower felonies. Misdemeanors are lesser crimes while felonies are more serious and may require jail time. Looking at the laws in your locality is important. Most places have their laws online. That said, possible penalties for conviction can be jail time, community service, educational classes, fines and restitution. For most first-time offenders, the penalties will be lower. Removing the artwork and paying a fine is most likely. Still, fines can run as high as 1,000. However, for more costly offenses or repeat offenses, conviction can mean jail time. If you're a minor, your parents may also face prosecution and some of the same penalties. Minors may also lose their driver's license. On the scale of criminal offenses, graffiti is a minor offense and has a shorter statute of limitations. For most graffiti related crimes, the statute is one to three years. Getting permission from the property owner is the safest way to avoid legal hassles.

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Excellent Graffiti Artists Throughout History

June 26, 2012

What began in the 1970s as a method of self-expression has blossomed into a major force in the art world. Graffiti, or tagging as it's known on the street, has gone from being seen as defacing property to art work commissioned by presidential campaigns. Cornbread is widely considered to be the first modern graffiti writer. As a high school student in Philadelphia, he began tagging in 1967. Graffiti artists and now scholars, Roger Gastman and Caleb Neelon started tagging in high school and now teach and author books on the subject of graffiti. According to Gastman, there is an "earned respect and craft to graffiti." ( Neelon, who went on to graduate from Harvard, is still a graffiti artist and an educator as well. He believes that graffiti artists can bring their work inside with access to better resources. Some graffiti artists dislike this idea, since their work loses a wider audience. Taggers like Marc Ecko and Shepard Fairey has made the move into the mainstream with their art. Ecko now has his own successful line of clothing, while Fairey designed President Obama's campaign posters. Whether seen as property defacement or decorative street art, graffiti will continue to be a presence in the art world. Source:

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The History of Graffiti and How It Evolved

June 22, 2012

The history of graffiti goes back as far as ancient Greece, but modern graffiti was first seen in the United States during the 60s and the 70s. It was thought to first originate from New York City. It was during this time that it became popular to write on the wall and make it an art form. There were artists throughout New York City that were going out and tagging the walls every night. One of the most famous artists was known as TAKI 183 he was a Greek boy who traveled the city by subway. He was even given an interview for the New York Times newspaper in 1971. As spray paint cans were invented graffiti became even more popular. For the most part people were only spray painting on the walls during this time, but Denmark is where the first subway train was spray painted. This however, was not as welcomed as the beautiful graffiti on the walls. People loved the art and slowly it grew in popularity as it spread worldwide. Today even in places like Iraq and Israel you will see graffiti. Graffiti has grown in popularity in the Middle East since the 1990s and has been on the rise since.

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What Makes Graffit Art So Amazing

June 19, 2012

To understand the art of graffiti and what makes it so amazing is to know its history. Writing on walls dates back to the beginning of time, and some of those early drawings had hidden messages. In the 60s, tagging became a modern form of graffiti. Kids would use markers to draw their name in different places in hopes of gaining recognition in their neighborhood. The art of graffiti has evolved into something far more intriguing.

Graffiti and Spray Painting

Today, graffiti artist present a complete picture. Modern artist use cans of paint. The transition to using spray paint enabled graffiti artist to draw detailed, and often abstract expressions of their visions. Graffiti on sub-way trains began in the 70s, and with it came a lot of competitiveness among artist. Getting more exposure for art is said to be the idea behind the surge of graffiti on trains. Spray painting allowed artist more flexibility than using a marker.

One of the oldest fonts used by graffiti artist is bubble letters with bright colors, but there many different types of graffiti fonts. Inter-locking graffiti letters are common because they add a complex style to artwork. Graffiti artist now use the computer and Internet to expand their audiences.

Graffiti Art on Display

Sidney Janis was the first art collector to show interest in graffiti art. Later in 99, some of his graffiti collection was donated and is now on display at the Brooklyn Museum.

What makes graffiti art so amazing today is the presentation, often urban styles of comic drawings are used to paint a detailed picture that tells a story.

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